Ghost At The Arlington Hotel?

After my visit to Eureka Springs and the Ghost tour at The Crescent Hotel – my friend and I headed down to The Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The city is named Hot Springs [...]


Ten New Things Challenge for 2018!

If you haven’t joined the #10NewThings Challenge yet – I encourage you to read that blog post! The challenge is about to get started! I thought I would do a quick blog post to help [...]


November – Things I Was Doing When I Wasn’t Here!

If you’ve been following my blog – you know that the last 12 months have been an incredibly challenging time for me.  Somehow, as most people do, you just trudge onward. In the past [...]


I Floated For One Year And Here’s What Happened!

Okay, I’ve been reading that title and there’s a million things wrong with it.  I keep feeling “she’s a floater!” as in “dead”, which is NOT what this [...]


One Year And The Disaster of Three

You’ve heard the sayings “Bad Things Come in Threes” or “Death comes in threes” or “Good comes in threes”. It’s a saying that a lot of us have [...]


Join Me Today For a Google Hangout – Learning to Bend Spoons!

Okay …. so this isn’t the kind of spoon bending like you see in the magic shows where the magician looks at a spoon intently and it suddenly goes limp as if it’s rubber. BUT [...]


October – Things I Was Doing In California!

For those of you keeping up, you’ll remember that last month’s “things I was doing” was all about my obsession with Hurricane Irma! Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on many [...]


September – Things I Was Doing … in the Hurricane!

Yeah, Florida welcomed Hurricane Irma with open arms … not. That’s basically what I did this whole month. Learn about the Hurricane forming, worry over the Hurricane coming, trying to [...]


My Secret Story Told – I’m Gonna Book it!

Ahhhh…. well here it is folks…. one of the two reasons I revived Jennifer Stinnett .com! I’m writing a book that has me scared. I mean really scared. Scared at the can of worms [...]

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