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I Love These Balls!

Okay, I’m going to confess – that blog title was a little bit of “click bait” on my part. It sparked a whole bunch of visual ideas for you, the reader, didn’t it. I can pretty much guarantee that NONE of your visual ideas that popped in your head will [...]

September – Things I Was Doing … in the Hurricane!

Yeah, Florida welcomed Hurricane Irma with open arms … not. That’s basically what I did this whole month. Learn about the Hurricane forming, worry over the Hurricane coming, trying to decide to evacuate away from Hurricane, evacuated from the Hurricane and then came back to Florida after the Hurricane.I’m thankful that [...]

Creativity Should Inspire You!

One of my past co-workers said to me “I’m not creative, I could never do anything remotely creative.” This was her response after walking around a local art festival all day. At an art festival, you are surrounded by creativity and different versions of creativity! Depending on your outlook you can [...]

October – Things I Was Doing In California!

For those of you keeping up, you’ll remember that last month’s “things I was doing” was all about my obsession with Hurricane Irma! Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on many travel plans. Hopefully everyone had travel insurance or could afford to do their travel changes easily enough. I will give a big [...]

I Floated For One Year And Here’s What Happened!

Okay, I’ve been reading that title and there’s a million things wrong with it.  I keep feeling “she’s a floater!” as in “dead”, which is NOT what this post is about.  I also realize that it may seem I was endlessly on the Ocean floating like a Tom Hanks Castaway [...]

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