One of my past co-workers said to me “I’m not creative, I could never do anything remotely creative.” This was her response after walking around a local art festival all day. At an art festival, you are surrounded by creativity and different versions of creativity! Depending on your outlook you can either feel very un-creative as my friend, or you can be inspired! I choose to be inspired by others creativity!

When I walk around art festivals, listen to music, read books and poetry, I’m always inspired! In fact, occasionally when I have a little writers block, I have a music list that I listen to. The music on the list gets my brain thinking creatively and off I write!

Taking a look at someone else’s creative painting makes me smile! Their mind was weaving, viewing, thinking and guiding their thoughts and hand to create a beautiful design. When a musician hears the sound in their mind, they write, record and play it out … into a beautiful sound. When a writer, writes words in beautiful pattern that makes the reader smile or has an a-ha moment … that is magical too! I also love comedians – they know how to take every day things and word them with beautiful timing or perspective to make you laugh! Their comedy can inspire or make you think in a different direction. All these things should inspire you!

And when people take their talent and interact with others … it’s always fun and inspiring to me as well! Check out rapper Mac Lethal, who is known for his fast rapping, as he orders a pizza in this (we’ll assume) real phone call. By the way … watch for the total his order would have cost him had the pizza guy been able to keep up!

Link to video here:

When you appreciate creativity, it opens new doors for you. It takes your mind out of the same pattern you’ve been in and gets you thinking in a different way. I feel creativity changes you in that moment. It changes you in a new perspective. That’s the way creativity opens new doors for you. When you surround yourself in creative experiences, your mind is open to new possibilities. It could be a new way of doing something, a new way to work with a product, or get you out of a “block”. Creativity can release you from a pattern and push you into a new direction. Think of all the things that can change when you add in a little creativity!

If you’re like my co-worker I spoke about in the beginning of this post, you may feel you aren’t creative. I say EVERYONE is creative – you just haven’t let your creativity out yet! There was a time when things were bad during my divorce, so bad, I KNEW my creative instincts were dead. Dead as a door nail… nada, zip, zilch. That’s when the book “The Artists Way” was suggested to me. It’s a great book that moves you from non-creative thinking to getting your inspiration and creativity back! Give this book a try – the exercises in it are fun! You’ll find new doors opening for you too!

I am going to look for ways to inspire someone with my creativity this week. I’m not sure how that will look – but I hope it’s with my words or actions. I can guarantee it won’t be as fast as Mac Lethal however!