One of the reasons I began my business was the wish to be able to move to any location I wanted to and my business would follow. With eJenn Solutions – that’s been something I’ve been able to accomplish! Beyond that wish to live any place I choose, I have an inner craving for the beach. Some people crave snow capped mountains, others the wonderful scents and sounds of the woods …. for me, it’s the beach.

So to keep myself on track and to feed that inner craving – I try to spend every Sunday I can at the beach. It’s about a 50 min. drive for me and listening to my favorite music on the way out to the beach feeds my inner soul and creativity too! (Thank you Spotify!) I also recognize that you need some balance and tranquility in your life … while we all have a hectic pace of our daily lives, I think it’s very, very important to take some time out and relax, reset and recharge. That’s what Sunday beach day does for me.

I thought on this Sunday, I’d record just a short video clip of what I see when I go to the beach. The waves, the sun setting (I like to go in the later afternoon after the tourist leave for their cruise ships) and watch the birds scurry around for last min. food for the day. Enjoy the clip below!

Can’t see the embedded video? You can watch directly on YouTube here: Beach Zen This video was taken between Jetty Park and Cocoa Beach Pier in Florida. Always sun shinning somewhere in this state!

I encourage you this week to really think about what makes you calm and relaxed. Is it a bubble bath? Do you enjoy just sitting on your back deck or patio with a cup of good coffee? Do you find being creative by painting or writing relaxing? Spend time this week really listening to that inner voice when you ask “what makes me relax and happy?” and then when you get that answer … do it!

Smiles from the beach to you!