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Join us each week as we talk to people with life stories that inspire! It’s about overcoming tough situations in life to create your own happiness!


My Blog: Just Thoughts

This is the behind the scene insights to each podcast.  It also includes links from the podcast, my thoughts, cocktail info and even some shopping thrown in!


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Want To Be On The Podcast?

I LOVE having conversations with people who have overcome challenges and learn how they came out on top!  We want you to help us learn how to go from hopeless to happiness!


Some Topics we’re looking for:

  • Financial Issues
  • Relationships
  • Religion / Religious hardships
  • Spiritual Loss / Growth
  • Intuitives
  • Life Coaches
  • Health Coaches
  • Relationship Coaches
  • Authors of Self Help Books
  • Authors of Memoirs

These are just a few topics – but we’re open to others! Click the link below to fill out our Interview form so we can learn more about you and see if you’re a good fit for the podcast!
FORMAT NOTE: Our interviews are LIVE, with a beverage of choice AND done Live with no editing … no exceptions!

Fill out the form to be on the podcast here: Podcast Interview Form

Shop the stuff!


For all my wine loving friends: storage for your wine – keeps it off the food, gives you more storage in your fridge and even if you are a red wine drinker like me – you have one of THOSE friends … the white wine drinker.  Be prepared with a chilled bottle for them! *


Because I tried reading at the beach with my tablet – can’t see the screen, even without sunglasses. I also tried audible at the beach – works – but I’m there to hear the ocean, not Deepak telling me to relax … I’m AT THE BEACH DEEPAK –  listening to you. Something was wrong about that – so I got a paperwhite.  #Happiness! *


This book is talked about A LOT. The fact that this book was written during the depression and by 1970 (the time of Napolean Hill’s Death) it sold more than 20 million copies. Writing books back then was a lot of work! Call it vintage, call it an entrepreneur’s bible, I call it on Alexa to listen to at least once a year. *

*purchases from the “shop my stuff” section does generate a little commission for me – I appreciate your support. It goes to a good wine!

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