I Floated For One Year And Here’s What Happened!

Okay, I’ve been reading that title and there’s a million things wrong with it.  I keep feeling “she’s a floater!” as in “dead”, which is NOT what this [...]


Creativity Should Inspire You!

One of my past co-workers said to me “I’m not creative, I could never do anything remotely creative.” This was her response after walking around a local art festival all day. At [...]


September – Things I Was Doing … in the Hurricane!

Yeah, Florida welcomed Hurricane Irma with open arms … not. That’s basically what I did this whole month. Learn about the Hurricane forming, worry over the Hurricane coming, trying to [...]


It’s Never Too Late For Anything!

Have you ever said the following: “I’m too old to try … (fill in the blank)” or have you thought for years and years “I’d like to try …(fill in the [...]


I Love These Balls!

Okay, I’m going to confess – that blog title was a little bit of “click bait” on my part. It sparked a whole bunch of visual ideas for you, the reader, didn’t it. I [...]


2015: The Year Of Personal House Cleaning

  So we’re already into 2016 and all those “What’s your New Year Resolution” …. “Year in Review” … and “Best of” posts have [...]


Take 90 Seconds and Relax Beachside

One of the reasons I began my business was the wish to be able to move to any location I wanted to and my business would follow. With eJenn Solutions – that’s been something [...]


Reading Your Way To Happiness!

I don’t know about you … but I LOVE to read. I have a problem finding time to set aside to read however. Well okay, time is an issue but so is the fact that reading inevitably puts me [...]


Week Seven: Try New Foods!

As part of the 20 New Things Project I created for myself – I decided that trying new foods should be on this list. Not just trying new foods – but actively going out of my way to [...]


Week Four: #20NewThings – Go To A Bar Made Of Ice!

I’m a native of Wisconsin living here in Florida. It’s been a great experience so far. Week Four is kindof a silly “New Thing”. Mission: go to an Ice Bar located in [...]

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