If you haven’t joined the #10NewThings Challenge yet – I encourage you to read that blog post! The challenge is about to get started! I thought I would do a quick blog post to help those that may be struggling with things to do. I’ll share my #10NewThings list below and give you a couple more items to mull over!


I think some people are surprised when they start this challenge at the difficulty of finding new things! I know I have been. What I initially realized (and it’s because I’ve been doing this awhile) is that I HAVE done things. So when the idea strikes – I realize I’ve already done it! … which make MY new things list a bit more bolder, a bit more interesting and a bit more difficult to find “new things”! I think this is a great challenge to keep doing year after year!

Groupon – I have a love hate relationship with Groupon in general, but their site is full of new things. I like this as an avenue to try things because it doesn’t typically hurt the pocketbook! So you can try out that new beauty treatment, new activity or even a new restaurant on a budget!

Local Events – check out your local events section online or newspaper. It’s full of events, performances and new things to try out there!

Instagram – I love finding fun interesting things on Instagram! Search under the hashtag of your city to see what people are doing. Get even more local by searching within your small community… like a suburb! On my list this year I found The Dirty Pour Project here in Orlando! Check it out: Dirty Pour Project I’m so excited to try this, it’ll get my creative non-painter in me out and painting! Stay tuned for the results!


Play the violin – WHAT!?! I know right? … but playing an instrument can be interesting! AND … it was only a $32.99 investment off of ebay. I plan to Google some instructions (I already did to help me set the bridge and tighten the bow) and see what happens!

New Recipe – This is one that is always on my list. BUT it’s a fairly easy thing to try to do and if you like the results, you have a new meal under your belt!

Going to a bar alone – yeah. that one. terrifies me. What women would purposefully go into a bar by herself? THIS girl!

Invent a signature cocktail – YYYYEEEESSSS!! You have no idea how much fun this is going to be! … and how many “tastings” I may need to have to get this one perfected!

Go to a botanical garden – Never did that. sounds boring, but yet intriguing … I’m in on this one!

New Language – okay – so this one isn’t going to happen in one week or even one year. So, I’m condensing this to 5 new useful phrases in another language. All I know in Fillpino is “kung ano ang masamang amoy” (What smells bad) and that’s not going to get me anywhere!

Create an alter ego – This one may need to be done before the “going to the bar alone” part. Not sure, but a quick google search will give you some interesting suggestions on how to do this and that it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Can’t wait to have this fun!

9Round – okay … I’m gonna try this one. I’m not promising this one won’t be changed out, but for now, it’s on the list!

CryoChamber – yep … my search of Groupon presented a one time try to a CryoChamber. I’m nervous on this one. Freezing myself… I just left Wisconsin to live in Florida and I’m going to submit myself to this shenanigans…

Paint – I’m going to do a local Dirty Pour Project art party. This is another fun one!

There you have it … my #10NewThings! Some fun things and some scary things. What are your #10NewThings for this year? Would love to hear in the comments below!