Challenge Launch: 10 New Things!

You know how it takes a village to raise a child? (Thank you Hilary) I say it takes a village to help stay motivated. I also think “it takes a village” just adds more fun to anything! Right now as I’m typing this I’m also picturing the fun music group The Village People. (of the Y-M-C-A fame!)

I would show you a picture of the music group The Village People – but I don’t have the budget for that kind of copyright license here on my personal blog. So instead, I found THIS picture of Cosmos Village in Kazakhstan.

Jennifer Stinnett .com

Now THAT looks like a party! Who knew Kazakhstan was a party place. … AND I would LOVE to live in a city with anything “COSMOS” in the title. Think about it:

“I live in Cosmos City on Star Lane. Where do YOU live Bitches?”

… so basically that whole last paragraph is why I need a village. I get easily distracted.

A few years ago I did this little project for myself called #20NewThings! This was a self induced project to help get myself out of rut. The rut of doing the same thing every day. It was also to help me to get out of my negative mindset rut. Let me tell you – getting into these types of ruts in your life is VERY easy. I set out to change that with a challenge to myself to do 20 new things. My goal was to do 1 new thing each week for 20 weeks. This would get me out of my “rut” and help me to see new opportunities where I couldn’t see opportunities before.

With no planning, no outline, no one else on board with this 20 new things, I started the project. I created a Facebook page and even started using that #20NewThings hashtag! I was set to go ….

First week was good, then the second … then. Okay, I only got to 9 things!! THAT’S IT! Take a look at my blog post archive … I went from week 6 to week 8! What happened?  … and where’s 9?  I know I did a 9!

Basically, I failed, failed, failed … Thankfully I don’t have many readers here on Jennifer – so no one was all “Hey … remember that #20NewThings hashtag deal you were doing? Whatever happened to that?” and then I’d have to explain.

Oh … wait …. you’re reading this and I just explained. oh well, you’re in the “know circle” now!

Okay … so now you know and you TOTALLY have to do my new challenge with me which is #10NewThings! Look at that! I already did a hashtag!

Here’s the difference in this project. I want help to get this done, I want a fun village party to do this with me and I actually want to do my #10NewThings in 10 weeks starting with the first week of 2018!

I’d love for you to join me!

How you ask?

Here’s how to join the challenge and become part of the village. Follow all steps below so you stay in the loop and don’t miss any of the fun!

  1. Download your #10NewThings Worksheet and join the village list! (you’ll only be signed up for updates on the #10NewThings project for inspiration).
  2. Join the Facebook Group here: #10NewThings Facebook Group
  3. Participate!  Share your photos in the Facebook Group, leave a comment here, share your new things ideas with us all!

skydiving Jennifer Stinnett

Together – we’ll share the fun, share some “new things” ideas, encourage each other and have a ball doing this! The 1 RULE I have … no dieting / new years diet plans. Do that in a different Village. If our village wants to try a new pie recipe. We’re going to do PIE people!

I’m so excited! I hope you’ll join me and we can get ourselves into a new frame of mind. At the very least we’ll all have fun doing it!


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