Ghost At The Arlington Hotel?

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After my visit to Eureka Springs and the Ghost tour at The Crescent Hotel – my friend and I headed down to The Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

arlington hotel hot springs arkansas

The city is named Hot Springs … because their natural springs are HOT! …I wasn’t completely sure on that … but that’s what I assumed. Wikipedia agrees with me. In fact the temperature of the water coming out of the ground here is at a “cool” 147 degrees. Yep, that’s hot! The other interesting fact is that the water has been thought of as having healing powers. Throughout history, this place has been a hot bed of health seeking people. Pun intended. You can read more about Hot Springs, Arkansas by reading here: Wikipedia info on Hot Springs, Arkansas

Getting back to The Arlington… I wondered if this hotel was haunted as well. After all, Al Capone stayed at this hotel often. He apparently reserved the whole 4th floor when he came for a visit. They currently have an Al Capone Suite still available for anyone who wants to stay in the same room. Here’s a picture and room number for you to make your own reservations:

al capone suite arlington hotel

We were given the privilege of staying on the 4th floor the night we stayed at The Arlington. I felt so special, I think Al Capone would have approved.

The next day we toured the area. The bad thing about visiting Hot Springs in August … It’s awfully hot there … and with the added humidity of the Hot, Hot Springs under your feet … you basically melt. We walked down bathhouse row and then decided to take a stroll in Hot Springs National Park. Wrong decision. We melted. In between, here are a few photos:



Before we ventured out to the Park thou … we went to the Arlington Hotel pool for a swim and just to take in the view. While out at the pool I was laughing about my disappointment with the ghost tour and not being able to see anything or capture anything. (You can read the story and watch the video here) As we left the pool area on the 7th floor and headed back to our rooms, I started snapping photos in the hallway. It was my attempt to capture “orbs” that I had missed during the ghost tour at The Crescent Hotel a few days earlier. Snapping about 3-4 photos I stopped and chuckled about my “orb hunting skills”.

Later that day I went back to those photos I took to delete them. In one of the photos I noticed a blueish hue …. so I zoomed into the back of the hallway – this is what I found …


Zoomed in image:


I’m not saying anything … I’ll let you decide. Although, I’m a little unsettled that something was looking our way …

What do you think? Have a ghost story from The Arlington Hotel yourself? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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  • Lorraine

    Hi Jennifer! Interesting post. I’ve just posted my own blog about spooky feelings at the Arlington – – and as you’ll see, I’m sort of on the fence. I think a lot of the experiences people have here are brought on by the atmosphere, created by the history and the age of the place, but I definitely left quite spooked! I’d love to go back!

  • Jodi Patterson

    I recently stayed at the Arlington for the weekend. This was my 3 or 4 visit over some 20 years
    I had heard rumors about it being haunted but had never experienced anything until this time!

    We checked in Friday afternoon and enjoyed the evening drinking and sociallising in the Lobby.
    Went to our room and had a peaceful night of sleep.

    The next morning my husband left to play golf in a tournament. I was alone in the room preparing for my day. As I was ironing a blouse i heard the water turn on from the bath tub. I turned it off and returned to the irioning board. Again the hot water starts flowing again, I turn it off, and again and again, I loss count how many times.

    I called front desk, they sent maintenance man to my room! We had a very lengthy conversation about the ghost and he assured me I was in no danger! Of course, while he was there or when my husband returned to the room, the water didn’t come on by itself anymore!

    I had never googled about ghost at the Arlington until this experience! I was shocked but no too surprised when I read other stories of water turning on & off!!

    This was an interesting experience I will never forget. I kinda want to return to the Arlington, but it will take some time get my courage up.

    • Jennifer Stinnett

      Omg … That is scary!! It’s interesting you say that when the men are around, the issue didn’t happen. When I took that photo in this blog post, it was just me and a friend (female) there was no one else around… And if you look at the photo, it’s looking at us… Great story, thank you for sharing!!! Curious, what floor were you on? My photo was from the 7th floor, coming back from the pool.

  • Tammy Hewett

    I just stayed at the Arlington last night with my friend and my Yorkie. The room to the left of the figure, and the end of the hallway was ours! All throughout the night my dog would not sleep and was growling and ears standing up listening to the noises He kept on wanting to jump off of the bed. I ended up sleeping lightly for about 3 hours, so I am exhausted. I had fallen asleep around 2:30 AM and then woke up to the feeling that a bug or a fly was flying over my head and I woke up trying to catch it but realized there was nothing there. Then my dog started growling and I heard deep growling noises coming from outside of the room, somewhere in the hallway. I felt like whatever it was was walking up and down the hallway. It felt like a lot was going on and there were a lot of strange noises coming from outside of the room and even though the vents, especially after around 3AM. I normally get excited about experiences like this, but I was actually terrified and started regretting my choice to stay there. I had previously stayed at that hotel on floor 5 (a few rooms down from Al Capone suite), and had encountered fast tapping on the mirror on the wall around 3AM as well. I pulled out my phone and started to record and the tapping stopped and all of a sudden an orb flew towards me and then shot up diagonally. Even with that experience I didn’t feel as terrified as I did on floor 7 in room 782 at the end of the hall. Your photo of the man you got seemed to explain the terrible vibes my female friend and I were getting! Great shot by the way!

  • Donna

    So Friday 8/7/20 my husband, daughter and her friend all stayed in room 746. We checked in the room, dropped our bags and went exploring the city. When got ice cream at the parlor across the street and sat on the porch to eat it. The lights in the room behind our table kept flickering like someone was taking photos, our daughters friend looked in the window and no one was in the room but the next room over started flickering. I honestly thought someone is taking pictures and went to the ne t room but when we looked in that room it was empty too. I thought, well that’s weird but it didn’t bother me too much. We went in the lobby for a few minutes then took the elevator up to our room and got ready for bed. Yo be honest, I have periodically woken from sound sleep throughout my life thinking some “presence” is near and called out for my mother or now as an adult, my husband. My daughter and I slept in the same bed with my husband by the window and our daughters friend who is a male, on a cot. My daughter who is 16 felt jittery about sleeping by the wall so she stayed close to me all night, sometime not long after I fell asleep, I felt the bottom of both my feet being tapped at the same time. Needless to say I commenced hollering and woke up the entire room. My daughter and husband both kind of blew it off as my usual bad dreams but the friend was rattled for a minute but then everyone fell back asleep. My daughter and I did not sleep well and were hot all night (probably bc she was glued to my side) but the boys both slept like babies. It was a very eerie experience but I did not feel afraid because I am a Christian and believe that evil spirits cannot dwell were the Holy Spirit resides. We floated on the Caddo River the next day but my daughter was still a little shook so we started looking up other people’s encounters on Sunday when we got home. The historical, spooky vibe was definitely present and made for an interesting encounter….

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