After my visit to Eureka Springs and the Ghost tour at The Crescent Hotel – my friend and I headed down to The Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

The city is named Hot Springs … because their natural springs are HOT! …I wasn’t completely sure on that … but that’s what I assumed. Wikipedia agrees with me. In fact the temperature of the water coming out of the ground here is at a “cool” 147 degrees. Yep, that’s hot! The other interesting fact is that the water has been thought of as having healing powers. Throughout history, this place has been a hot bed of health seeking people. Pun intended. You can read more about Hot Springs, Arkansas by reading here: Wikipedia info on Hot Springs, Arkansas

Getting back to The Arlington… I wondered if this hotel was haunted as well. After all, Al Capone stayed at this hotel often. He apparently reserved the whole 4th floor when he came for a visit. They currently have an Al Capone Suite still available for anyone who wants to stay in the same room. Here’s a picture and room number for you to make your own reservations: