My Stay at Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge!

Last year I took a great stay-cation few days at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge here in Orlando, Florida. Since I’m currently living in the Orlando area I occasionally get some nice [...]


November – Things I Was Doing When I Wasn’t Here!

If you’ve been following my blog – you know that the last 12 months have been an incredibly challenging time for me.  Somehow, as most people do, you just trudge onward. In the past [...]


September – Things I Was Doing … in the Hurricane!

Yeah, Florida welcomed Hurricane Irma with open arms … not. That’s basically what I did this whole month. Learn about the Hurricane forming, worry over the Hurricane coming, trying to [...]


Week Eight: Walk In A New Area

Part of my #20NewThings project / challenge was to try and get me to go different places and try different things. As humans, we get stuck in our habits very easily … in fact, there is a [...]

My Groupon.com Account Was Hacked

So, this post is about my Groupon.com account being hacked. Last Saturday as I’m cleaning away, I happened to hear my phone email alert. When I finally went to look at my phone I saw 2 [...]


It’s Officially a Pinterest Fail!

When I’m waiting anywhere, I love to open up my Pinterest phone app and browse all the fun pretty pictures. I have great intentions. “I’ll make that next weekend”! or the [...]