Week Two: Stop and Take in The Views #20NewThings

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Week two in my #20NewThings challenge was during my travels back home to Wisconsin. It’s tough to think up “new things” to do when traveling because of created plans and a need to stay on course with those plans for you and everyone else. Then there’s the visits, the activities, flight schedules, rental car returns, etc.

That’s when I realized … we all get caught up in our daily lives. We make sure we go to bed at a specific time, get up at a scheduled time, commute at a certain time, arrive to work at your scheduled time. We work a full day, keeping to the time we’re scheduled to get paid for, we leave work and head home. We schedule the activities we need to schedule for family and create meals at … you guessed it, scheduled times. Then the process starts all over again … but how often do we take time out of that schedule?

So, while I was driving to see family, I decided that my “new thing” would be to stop at a scenic overlook. Stop to see what nature had to offer …. stop to see the beauty around me and slow down a bit. That’s the picture of me at the scenic overlook above. Fun fact I learned about Eleva, Wisconsin (where this overlook exists):

“Eleva’s original name was “New Chicago.” When the local grain elevator only had “ELEVA” painted on it before winter struck, newcomers saw it and assumed it was the name of the village….”

All those years that I’ve lived in Wisconsin, I’ve driven past that overlook space only acknowledging the sign pointing to the overlook location. (Wisconsin State Trunk Tour info) It was beautiful, it was green, a storm was moving in and I remembered how beautiful Wisconsin can be in the summer. It made me appreciate life a bit more. Yes, I was late getting to my destination – but the view and the calm I had was well worth it.

So what do you think? Do you have the courage to break out of your schedule and stop to look at nature or the beauty around you? Maybe that’s one of your #20NewThings for the future …

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