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spring roll createdWeek Three in the #20NewThings challenge was an idea that came about by Rona from BalancedBee.com! “Let’s make spring rolls!” was her suggestion. To which I said “How do you spring and roll? It sounds like you need to be a contortionist.” To which she rolled her eyes at me and said “You’ll like it, promise!”

So … over to Balanced Bee’s house I went to make Spring Rolls with Peanut sauce….

The agenda was simple … create spring rolls and see if we would actually want to eat our creations. At least that was my goal, Rona had a lot more confidence in her abilities.

So, we started out chopping the food that was going to be in the rolls. Rona made the peanut sauce. I’m a huge peanut butter fan, so to have my vegetables with peanut butter was nothing short of awesome!

Helpful Tip: Want to make your own spring rolls? We followed this spring roll video recipe!

We chopped up the vegetables we wanted in the spring rolls — carrots, edamame, basil, peppers, green onions and lettuce:

spring roll filling

Then we soaked the paper we used to roll the items up into the rolls:

spring roll paper

Rona made the good roll here … I made the weird one … it’s not easy getting the filling into the paper correctly … much less having it look as nice as the video recipe above!

making spring rolls

This is our final product. The peanut sauce recipe was so delicious! We did it!!! 1 new menu item in my culinary list of “I’ve made that!” done:

final spring roll created

What new recipe have you tried this month? Would love to see it in the comments below!

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