Week Six: Participate In Local Tourist Entertainment

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Well, keeping with my #20NewThings program I decided to do something a little goofy … participate in local tourist entertainment. Living in Orlando, Florida you may have expected me to head out to one of many numerous theme parks. Did I? No .. why? because I’ve been to them and we’re doing something new.

So over to one of those discount everything sites, I found the local CSI Experience available for a price of $12 to participate. I was excited … a whole CSI event for $12?? Could it be true? It was … and it’s what I like to now refer to as CSI: Orlando. (minus all the really cool actors)

We started by walking into a building that had windows but everything was blacked out. I was always taught if the windows are blackened, don’t go in. So of course we walked in … it’s CSI The Experience … how are we supposed to experience?

The friendly staff got us “registered” at HQ and was even nice enough to give us bullet proof vests and a gun. Both items being fake … we insisted on the photo opportunity. Yes, we’re that dorky fun…

It’s a great overview of how the whole forensic science lab works and how clues are gathered, learn from the “experts” and it’s a great way for kids to spend a few hours. It’s also great for anyone who wants to get out of the Orlando Florida heat for awhile.

How did I do?? I thought too much … clearly I excelled in this area. ah well … perhaps I missed my calling.

I’ll leave you with our dorky fun photo opp though …. just call me “crazy eyed Jenn”! Sometimes you need to laugh at yourself…

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