Week Seven: Try New Foods!

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20 new things - try new food

As part of the 20 New Things Project I created for myself – I decided that trying new foods should be on this list. Not just trying new foods – but actively going out of my way to pick up something strange at the store that I had no idea what to do with. Beyond reading what the grocery store sign said … I had no clue what I was going to do with the items I bought above.

Those 2 new items: Dragon Fruit and Rambutan (or as I learned Lychee)

I took these things home and thought … now what? Okay not really – I actually put out on Facebook a photo of the fruit and asked … “What do I do with these?” and sure enough my group of alcoholic friends came up with a recipe for Dragon Fruit and Rambutan (Lychee) Mojitos. Everything is on the internet folks!

So to the liqueur store I went. (Original recipe in the link above – special thanks to Hot & Chilli blog for creating this obscure and serendipitous 2 new food mojito recipe…

As you can see from the photo next – I obtained Rum and the highly suggested Naked Turtle Rum I might add … along with tonic water. (I bought whatever brand was at the liqueur store – no sense in making 2 stops)

Dragon Fruit with Lychee Mojito recipt

Here are your Ingredients for the mojito as told by Hot & Chilli:

  • 3 tablespoons fresh dragon fruit flesh
  • 4 strips dragon fruit skin
  • 4 rambutans or lychees, rambutans are bit more acidic
  • 10 mint leaves + some for garnish
  • 1 tbsp of white sugar, add more if required
  • 1/2 fresh lime juice
  • 50ml white rum
  • 60ml Tonic or soda water
  • ice cubes

Want to know what I did? I’m lazy so the dragon fruit skin garnish didn’t happen. I also didn’t have my ml/whatever we Americans have that’s equal, converter with me – so I guessed.

Rambutan and how to cut them

First I started off with trying to figure out how to cut Rambutan / Lychee … you think you should just be able to cut things right? Wrong … these little guys are not the easiest things to get the shell off of … and very honestly for the amount of work it took to de-shell (if that’s really what it’s called … maybe de-skin? (but that sounds morbid) and cut these thing, you better REALLY like Lychee or Rambutan in your drinks. #JustSayin’

dragon fruit for mojitos

Next I cut up the Dragon Fruit like you see above. Cutting the Dragon fruit was so much easier than the Rambutan. If you’ve not had Dragon fruit before … it’s oh, so good! So glad I tried this for my #20NewThings experiment.

muddle your dragon fruit mojito

After you cut all the ingredients … place the fruit and some ice in a cocktail shaker bottom and you get to muddle and muddle and muddle … all those ingredients together EXCEPT for the Rum and Tonic water. We have fun with those ingredients next.

oh …

and you get to pour rum, pour rum, drink pour rum …

Once you muddle and create a nice thick Dragon fruit / Rambutan / mint leave paste … you’ll want to add ice and the Rum. Then shake the heck out of it!

Put some ice in a glass and pour some of the fruit slushy into that glass…. then top off with tonic water.

Garnish with mint leaves and if you were feeling very Martha Stewart-y … place the dragon fruit skin on the side of the glass as garnish.

I wasn’t feeling Martha Stewart-y soooo …. yeah, didn’t do it.

Here is the completed product! I will add that I enjoyed a LOT more rum with this than the recipe called for and a lot less of the tonic water. So you may have to do a few experiments to see what suits your taste. (You’re welcome!)

Hello my name is dragon fruit mojito

Cheers to Mojitos and new foods to try!

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