Week Four: #20NewThings – Go To A Bar Made Of Ice!

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I’m a native of Wisconsin living here in Florida. It’s been a great experience so far.

Week Four is kindof a silly “New Thing”. Mission: go to an Ice Bar located in Orlando Florida. We purchased our tickets online and a group of four us headed down to the Ice Bar.

Ice Bar Orlando Jennifer Stinnett

The Ice Bar here in Orlando is a bar made entirely of ice. The cups, the seats, the tables, the bar and the bar stools … all made of ice. The fun part of this experience, beside going with a group of friends, is that you can rent fake fur coats. Yep … guys and girls … you can get your fur coat fix right here in Florida!

We came to the location, got our coats, grabbed our drinks, and had some fun taking some great photos. It’s a cold bar … cooled to a nice 27 degrees. Felt like home in Wisconsin!

Group of friend Ice Bar Orlando

funny photo at Ice Bar Orlando

Ice Bar Orlando, Jennifer Stinnett

There you go … trying something in your local town that’s unique and fun is a great “New Thing” you can try in your life to step out of the same old routine!

Have any fun bars in your town? Would love to hear of them in the comments below!!

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