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Continuing on in my #20NewThings experiment … this one may not be something that I realistically sought out to do for my #20NewThings, but it is something that stretched my brain limits.

I think I’d like to start off this blog post by saying that if you have the financial means and it makes sense to create a website for a business … you should always, always pay for a person of experience to design your site.

In my case … I needed a re-design on this website which makes me no money … is just a means to write and when you put it on paper … it’s about the worst investment I have right now. For me – this blog is an expression of creative life results, things I’ve learned and a prequel to a book.

With that being said … I needed to do this new website look on my own. This was the most frustrating experiment I’ve done to date.

What did I learn from this new thing?

  1. I have no patience … which I pretty much knew already, but at least I knew when to barge forward and when to gracefully decline doing the work.
  2. Coding and designing sites will never be my “gig” and I appreciate all the partners I work with in that field!
  3. Google and I have a wonderful relationship and I appreciate all those people who put “how to’s” out on their websites and blogs!

From this little weekend “fun”, I’ve made a new commitment to those generous people that I find with useful information on their sites. I will now always share that useful content I read/appreciated on my social sites for others to learn from. I consider that a social “thank you” to those providing great content that got me out of hours of work!

Now that the site is 98% complete … How do you like the new design?

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