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email helpIf you’ve been following my adventures here and on social media – you know I’m always looking for ways to help with the amount of emails I receive. Having a business, allowing yourself to be easily contacted and the copious amounts of unauthorized email / newsletter signups – have created havoc with my inbox.

You might remember my list of efficient tips for sending less emails back and forth here. Or you may have followed my endless article shares on ways to maximize email time and inbox usage. I’ve noticed this is an issue for many people. So share away I will ….

I first tried to use Unroll me, which is a great program! It allows you to take control of the newsletters and subscriptions you have and combine them into one weekly digest email. You have options for subscriptions … it shows you subscriptions you may not have realized you even signed up for. It’s a great program to easily get rid of unwanted or forgotten about subscriptions coming to your inbox. For the subscriptions you DO want coming to your inbox – it’s a great once a day (or week) digest of all your beloved subscriptions. If you want to take control of your email subscriptions … this is a great program.

For me, Unroll Me was not enough …

I was introduced to SaneBox (clicking this link gives you $5 off your first subscription). Just like the name … Sanebox brings sanity to your inbox game. It has a lot of ways you can work with the program to reduce the amount of emails you see in your inbox daily.

For me – my client and vendor emails are a priority. I don’t want my daily sales newsletters, twitter notifications and other non-important stuff popping up on my phone or in my gmail inbox.

SaneBox works with you to either archive or save for later certain emails. If you select the “Sane Later” option, it will send you a summary email (weekly or daily depending on your preference) for you to review.

SaneBox also allows you to remember when someone hasn’t responded to an email you sent! YES! This is a great option … if you want to follow up on an email in 1, 2, or 3 days when someone hasn’t responded back to your original sent email. This great follow up tool can easily be done with SaneBox. Once you utilize this option – you’ll get a reminder that the original email hasn’t been responded on your selected follow up date.

How cool is that!

So there you go … 2 of the programs that I currently have to assist in taming my inbox! What do you use? Have you tried these programs? Would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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