Week Eight: Walk In A New Area

Part of my #20NewThings project / challenge was to try and get me to go different places and try different things. As humans, we get stuck in our habits very easily … in fact, there is a [...]


Week Six: Participate In Local Tourist Entertainment

Well, keeping with my #20NewThings program I decided to do something a little goofy … participate in local tourist entertainment. Living in Orlando, Florida you may have expected me to head [...]


Week Five: #20NewThings – Learn Coding

Continuing on in my #20NewThings experiment … this one may not be something that I realistically sought out to do for my #20NewThings, but it is something that stretched my brain limits. I [...]


Week Four: #20NewThings – Go To A Bar Made Of Ice!

I’m a native of Wisconsin living here in Florida. It’s been a great experience so far. Week Four is kindof a silly “New Thing”. Mission: go to an Ice Bar located in [...]


Week Three: Make A New Dinner – #20NewThings

Week Three in the #20NewThings challenge was an idea that came about by Rona from BalancedBee.com! “Let’s make spring rolls!” was her suggestion. To which I said “How do [...]


Week Two: Stop and Take in The Views #20NewThings

Week two in my #20NewThings challenge was during my travels back home to Wisconsin. It’s tough to think up “new things” to do when traveling because of created plans and a need [...]


Week One: #20NewThings – I’m on a Segway!


20 New Things – Your Challenge

If you have a been a previous reader of Jennifer’s Review you know by now the site has been sold. It’s gone, moved on to better hands and I now keep my passion for wine a bit more [...]