One Year And The Disaster of Three

You’ve heard the sayings “Bad Things Come in Threes” or “Death comes in threes” or “Good comes in threes”. It’s a saying that a lot of us have either used or heard in our life. I’m here to tell you, the “threes” rule or meme certainly was true for me. Either that or I have Triaphilia.

Triaphillia is basically an obsession with the number 3. I think I have it. As a marketer, I don’t provide more than 3 options. I believe in repeat numbers of 333 and the numbers having a meaning when you see it. We use 3 in jokes too … how many people walk into a bar? According to Doreen Virtue when you see 333 it’s angels giving you the message: You are completely surrounded, protected, loved and guided by the benevolent ascended masters.* I admit – I love it when I see 333 around.

Disaster Number One:

My year of 3 bad things began in October of 2016 – my father’s brain tumor became worse. He went through a risky surgery in Houston and came through the surgery well. However, the tumor was now Stage 4 cancer. Making his way back home to Missouri to get his affairs in order, he had a seizure en route. He was taken flight for life to Little Rock, Arkansas – that would become his final stop before leaving us.

I made that long 14 hour drive from Florida to Arkansas to say my good-bye’s. During this time, I was dating a person who was very understanding. Calling me during my travel, checking in on me and offering consoling words. That was what someone you dated did and it was comforting. My father passed, that was hard.

My relationship with this man hit a rough patch when I found his ex-girlfriend posting a photo of his dog. The photo wasn’t the only red flag – I mean really, why was an ex girlfriend posting photos of his dog? The red flag came by way of his comment to the “old girlfriend” which he wrote “beautiful Lola”. I don’t know too many boyfriends that blatantly call old girlfriends beautiful anything while dating someone else. I pushed the nagging feeling to the side when I he said she was around and it just brought up old feelings. Red flag number 2.

I then had to return home to take care of my previous home with new renters. I actually wanted to sell the home, but the market dictated otherwise. So, I stayed to place new renters in the home and came back to Florida. While going through this process – she posted another picture, a picture of them standing in a line up at a wedding. A wedding he never informed me he was attending with her. (you know where this is going right…??) They didn’t have their arms around each other, there was never any “loving” or affectionate pictures. So,I never questioned him, but filed it under “WTF”. When I returned home however, I was set to break it off with him. Just as I was about to, he introduced me to his son. I’ll admit – for him, that was a big step and an interesting development for me!

He became very attentive and it seemed as if we rounded the corner. … but guess who lurked around the corner apparently keeping in touch and having her family invite him to functions … the ex-girlfriend. This time, it was a photo of his dog on his bed with her comment “Hurricane cuddles”. Again – no pictures of the 2 of them … just the dogs. HIS comment was the deal breaker… talking about the dogs not fitting on the big king size bed. However, the dogs in the photo was his dog and her son’s dog as I later learned. (although he tried to tell me it was just his neighbor’s dog)

Disaster Number 2:

Just after this incident, I received a call that my grandfather was going into Hospice. On October 29th, he left us after 94 years here. My brother and his wife created this beautiful montage and memory video of his time with us. It’s part an interview that was done years ago to help us remember our family history and past old photos. I’ll admit – it’s nice to see my grandfather in the video. It’s also a reminder that my grandparents were married for 72 years. That’s a long time to stay to stay with someone. It’s also a LONG time to stay committed to someone – so, when it’s right, it can be done.

Grandpa from StinnettStudios on Vimeo.


While back home and a day before my grandfather’s funeral, I received a LinkedIn notification. I looked at the notification and saw that my “boyfriend’s” ex-girlfriend was looking at my profile there. I thought that was odd… but didn’t think too much of it with the funeral plans and family around. When I woke up on the day of my grandfather’s funeral, I saw an Instagram notification. I found that his ex girlfriend had liked pictures of my boyfriend and I. I then realized she was on my business Facebook page liking a quote about character. Pretty odd behavior for someone who was just an old ex girlfriend. I sent a text to my boyfriend asking why his ex-girlfriend was stalking all my online profiles. To which he simply replied “she is not an ex.”

And THAT my friends is how this man confessed to cheating on me … on the day of my grandfather’s funeral. And there was disaster Number 3 …

To the date of this blog post was published, he has not called to apologize, to explain, to do anything! … this is how he ended it. So ladies, when you see things an ex girlfriend is posting about your man and they are supposedly no longer in a relationship … “Girlfriend Beware!” there’s a shark circling in the waters…

My cluster fuck of 3 is done … on to my cluster LUCK of 3 with a great new companion, travel and more.

Stay Tuned!

*Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue

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