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As always, technology is changing and I love changing with it.  Some things work great, others… not so much.  If you have been subscribing to this site – you’ll notice that I haven’t posted in awhile AND … you may notice that my site has a new look!  Let’s get started with the

Things I Was Doing When I Wasn’t Here:

I worked with a great team and re-vamped my Jennifer Stinnett Website. I like the simplier look. I found that as I am growing my business, people remembered my name and started to “Google Me” to learn more. LinkedIn is great – but I don’t own LinkedIn and my content there is just a “rented space” for me. I decided that revising was the best way to make sure that everyone learned what they needed from me in one click. So – the Jennifer Stinnett website home page is now a static page that will direct you to whatever you want to know about me. Want to know about eJenn Solutions? It’s there on the front page with a click. Want to read my personal blog (like you are right now?)? There’s a link and a click to that on the front page. Want to learn and listen to the DGL Podcast? … oh yeah, that brings me to the next item of business…

Podcasting. I’ve tried it, I’ve guested (it’s my blog, my word) on it, I’ve hosted one and I listen to them. All of my podcast experiences have been fun!! Now I want to do one for myself. I have a vision, I have look, I have the domain – pretty soon, it’ll all come together. So be on the look out in the next few months for more information on that and maybe you’d like to be a guest? What does DGL stand for? Damn Good Lemonade.

So, remember in the last paragraph where I said I “guested” on one? Well, that just happened and I want to share that podcast with you. It’s an interesting story and a semi segway into the DGL Podcast. It’ll make sense later – promise.

I had the honor of being on one of my coaches podcast called “Stop Money Anxiety Now!”. It’s a podcast gaining momentum by Wei Houng from The 6 Figure Academy. The 6 Figure Academy (with Wei’s help) has coached me to a 6 figure business. Think you’ll do well on your own? You will, unless you have Money Anxiety which is what almost every entrepreneur I’ve worked with has. Including me. So here’s the podcast on my Money Anxiety Story and how I overcame a past situation that was holding me back. Once I learned the “story” and changed the version I had replaying in my head – my business grew. You can listen in here:

Listen to “Episode 20 – "The Owning Your Business Will Make You Broke…Story!" with guest Jennifer Stinnet” on Spreaker.

That’s about all folks – except if you listed to the podcast above and wanted to take advantage of the eJenn solutions special – you can do that here: SMAN Show Listener Special

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