My Ghost-Hunting Visit to Arkansas

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the crescent hotelDuring my road trip to my new location – I stopped over in Arkansas to visit some of my friends! Specifically, I visited Eureka Springs and Hot Springs, Arkansas.

For those of you that have not been to Arkansas – it’s a beautiful place. Great for the outdoor types and of course – if you want to dig for diamonds – you can. Looks like a someone got himself a nice big diamond at Crater Diamond Park this past weekend. (12 year old finds diamond at State Park article) Finding a big diamond and being able to keep it is pretty cool!

While I’ve lived in the area and visited Eureka Springs a few times, I had no idea that The Crescent Hotel … the big hotel that sits at the top of the mountain in town was actually haunted. It is … in fact it’s considered “America’s Most Haunted Hotel”. With that knowledge my friend and I took the Ghost Tour package Friday night. Why? Because that’s how we roll on a Friday night in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Ghost hunting.

Ghost hunting at The Crescent hotel is a sold out show every night apparently. Like a happy tourist, I snapped, and snapped and snapped photos hoping to catch an orb or ghostly image in my photos. Did I find anything????

I did a whole video about it. Let me set- up this video for you. At the end of the tour – we ended up in the “morgue” of the hotel. The hotel was previously a hospital … so .. the “morgue” is now on the Ghost tour. No where in my life plans did I ever think of allowing someone to lock me in a “meat locker” that once held up to 25 bodies. …. and yet … this is what I did on this ghost tour. Enjoy the video below:

(Can’t see the video? Click this link to video here!)

Yea … that happened.

So, going thru all my photos … the following picture is the only thing I got. Ghost in a lab coat? Everyone was flashing photos. Some people caught orbs. I caught something … I think! You be the judge.

Crescent ghost, ghost picture, ghost tour picture

I asked our server of his ghost story and he told me one time very early in the morning, he felt “Man Breath” on this neck and a big whoosh…! That would have done me in. I also asked our cab driver what he thought. He happened to be a night auditor at the hotel back in the day. There was a resident cat there and every night the cat would be woken up and arch it’s back hissing and swatting at something behind our cabbie. After a few nights of this, he got mad and told the “entity” to leave the cat alone. And it did. So there are my ghost stories from The Crescent Hotel.

All in all … I wouldn’t want to tempt the spirits past present or future at The Crescent Hotel. I’d love to hear your stories of this place. What happened? Do you have photos? Did you write a blog post about it? I’d love to hear about everything in the comments below!

Now …. what happened to us at The Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas? Stay tuned … it still creeps me out …

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