Meet Bo: My Obese, Deaf, Senior Adopted Dog

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bo deaf old dog

Well 2014 is ending on a great note! I added to my little family a new addition – an Australian Shepard named Bo! (seen above) Isn’t he adorable?

This past weekend, the Pet Alliance of Orlando ran a great campaign which allowed anyone to adopt a dog over the weekend for free. How generous was that? Especially since most of these dogs / cats being surrendered had to have vet checks, shots, medication, etc. All that came free if I adopted a dog! (or a cat for others)

I had been planning on getting a dog since my Aussie Shepard / Border Collie mix moved on to the farmhouse of dogs in the sky 2 years ago. Still miss that dog (Buffy) greatly. So since I had a new dog on my agenda – I’ve been stalking the local animal control and humane societies for possible pups. Nothing really struck my interest and the ones that did had applications pending already.

Until the picture of Bo popped up on the Humane Society’s website … on a weekend of free adoptions … and with me having a fairly free schedule the next few weeks. It was destiny … I knew that was my dog. Not much information was on the website about him and it indicated he was 7 years old. A little older than I wanted … but still okay for me.

Off to the shelter I went with my medium sized collar, bag of dog food, medium sized dog bed and previous leashes from my last dog. Walking into the shelter complex was mayham … kids overly excited about their new pet, parents trying to contain new dogs and kids and the volunteers scurrying around to make sure everyone was happy.

I asked if “Bo” was still available … he was and the volunteer lead me down the long gray cement hallway of kennels. Dogs were barking at all the excitement and kids were yelling “I want that one!” next to specific kennels. All kennels had someone interested, except where I was heading. I was lead to Bo’s cage at the very end of the hallway to find him laying down on the cold cement looking unamuzed. He didn’t even want to lay on his bed/blanket they had for him. He barely glanced up at me. When he saw the volunteer – he half wagged his tail in acknowledgement.

He wasn’t a happy dog – given up for the second time and on Christmas Eve because of his herding instincts… Bo probably wasn’t doing well. To add to the problem, Bo was now deaf – not sure if older age caused it or some other circumstance caused the hearing problem.

I asked to interact with him and was lead out to an enclosed patio with a cement bench. The volunteer lead Bo to the patio to greet me. He barely attempted to connect with me. Had all humans disappointed this sweet boy to a point he couldn’t dare to care anymore?

After discussing his background and informing the shelter of my previous experience with herding breeds – I decided to adopt Bo. My mind was full of “Are you nuts? He’s deaf!”, “He’s too old, he’ll have bad habits”, “He’s just gonna lay around and not do anything – did you see how fat he was?”

Did I mention Bo weighed 91 lbs? Typically his breed is 55-65 … but not this big boy … his previous owners hadn’t cared for him and his current condition was the result.

Signed out of the shelter, into my car, and up the stairs to my apartment he came. From the car to the apartment still no excitement and his tail is now between his legs. I opened my apartment door to let him in. He walked in, walked around my couch and by the time I had closed the door behind us … his tail started wagging like it was going to fly off. I had to pinch myself, was this the same dog? He started trotting into all the rooms, tail wagging like it had a wish to fly! I was stunned – this was a completely different dog!

Bo the deaf obese senior dogScouting out the house, I started clearing a spot for what I thought was a bed too small for him. As you can see from the photo here —-> … not only did it fit – he wasn’t waiting for me to find a good spot for it before taking it over!

Then came the bone I bought for him so he’d feel at home. He grabbed the bone and ran to his new bed … tail wagging the whole time. Then he picked up the bone and ran back to me …. happy, smiling and tail wagging – then back to his bed with the new bone. He did this 3 times as if to ask “Is this really mine?” Yes, Bo – it’s really yours. I melted.

So into my life this deaf, old, obese, beautiful, sweet Australian Shepard has arrived. Not only does Bo now have a home that will care for him … but he won’t be going back to any shelter for a third time.

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