It’s Officially a Pinterest Fail!

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When I’m waiting anywhere, I love to open up my Pinterest phone app and browse all the fun pretty pictures. I have great intentions. “I’ll make that next weekend”! or the popular “I’ll pin that to my HOME IDEAS board and totally do that project this summer”!

We’ve all said it

None of us have really done it.

Okay, maybe it’s more like …. I HAVE not done them.

Until today, my friends! I just finished painting my kitchen which now holds that lovely new paint smell. I decided to try this pin to combat that smell:

lemon Rosemary simmer

The bad part of this story is that I was in the grocery store thinking … “OH! Lemons are on sale … I could get the bag-o-lemons and some rosemary just like that recipe on Pinterest”! I bought the lemons and rosemary solely going off my memory of the Pinterest photo. All the way to my car I thought “My house is going to smell awesome”! I may have skipped … but I’m not confirming that.

I should have Googled this in the store or looked for it on Pinterest. I didn’t.

So, as I got home, I cut up my lemons … twisted and broke the rosemary throwing all ingredients into the pot. I turned on my stove, excited to smell the fresh fragrance of lemons waft thru the air …

That didn’t happen. While sitting in my office, completely forgetting that I had this concoction sitting on the stove, I smelled it.

It was NOT the pleasant, fresh, spring like smell I was hoping for. It was so bad, I had to finally Google the recipe to see if this was some kind of internet joke I was not aware of.

Then I found the Mother Thyme recipe with the key ingredient I was missing … CINNAMON! (That’s her picture up there!)

… sigh …. I now have a stinky, paint, boiled lemon smelling house…

My advice – Don’t trust my recipe memory…

For the full lemon / Rosemary recipe simmer recipe, go to Mother Thyme here.

P.S. Oh, and don’t think I’m not going to try and pour some cinnamon powder (do you really think I have cinnamon sticks laying around my house?) into that boiled mixture next!

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