How To Get Back To Happy!

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Jennifer Stinnett, beach

Not many people in my life know my background. Those few that do I consider to be my good friends. Those are the people that stay in your life – going in and out at times – but always seem to come around despite their (or others) judgments about your or themselves. There are very few people like this in any persons life. I would suggest however, we all have them.

My background is actually a rather humorous one. I’ll admit at the time I was going through the events, they weren’t so humorous – but over time and changed view – it’s something you can chuckle at rather than let it fester. Whoever said “Attitude is everything” was correct. Your attitude changes how your perceive the world around you.

If you wake up every day hating your job, hating your city, hating how you feel, etc. … all that is true and will continue to be true. You’ll have the worst job, live in an uninspiring city and feel like you’re a walking zombie 24/7.

Or …

You can wake up every day with gratitude you have a job that will lead you to a better job! Wake up every day loving that you know your city so well – you can take alternate routes to change your scenery. You can also wake up every day with gratitude that you woke up to look at the grass from the top side down and have more chances to make someones day a bit brighter.

These are all YOUR choices. These are your decisions you make every day to shape how your life evolves and what your world becomes.

Some days it’s easy to be happy and positive.

Some days it’s not so easy – but those are the days you create one small positive move forward.

Stick around, I’ll share with you how I went from living with someone who had an addiction, being shunned by a whole religious group and how I lost everything financially. Talk about a bad day! Yet – here I am living in Sunny Florida, going to the beach when I want and surrounded by great people.

You can subscribe to my posts here or follow my category “Positive Moves To The Beach” to learn a bit more about me and my story. I promise it’ll be fun!

Jenn stinnett, beach

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