How To Do Videos On The Cheap!

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how to make videos on a budget

I love working with people and getting them to consider different things for their social media programs. Often times when clients are creating their own content – we will help them come up with ways to maximize their best communication skills online. Example of this … some people are better speakers than writers and vice versa … some people are better writers than speakers. I myself fall into the last category … writing is my comfort zone – video is not my comfort zone. Both ways can work for online content.

For those of you who want to dabble and start to do your own YouTube videos for your business I’ve put together my list of “needs” for that.

phone tripod for videos Your Smartphone: Yep … you read that right – just your smartphone. Most phones have great video functions. I own a Samsung Galaxy 5s which does a great job … but I have to admit – the iPhone does a GREAT job on video and would be my preference if I had a choice.

Tripod: Get a Tripod! Not an expensive investment, but one you’ll need especially if you are using your phone. I recommend an adjustable height type tripod in case you are filming in different locations and at different levels. You may want to consider a flexible tripod if you are in odd places and filming at different angles.

best tripod adapterTripod Adapter: Since your smartphone does not have a way to attach itself to a tripod, you’ll need an adapter. These are not expense and this one comes in at $6.95 at the time of this post. I highly suggest a 2 position adapter so you can use your smartphone and your tripod to film both horizontally or vertically. If you are wondering what’s best for filming (Vertical or Horizontal) than I suggest you read up on this post here: Film vertically or horizontally

Video Editing Software: This can be the most expensive piece of your video creation venture – video editing software. If you are creating projects that don’t require a lot of editing – you may want to consider using the free version that typically comes on your laptop. iMovie for Apple lovers and Movie Maker for the PC fans are the typical free versions you can find already on your laptop / desktop. If you want to get to the middle range, I’ve used Sony products and Sony Movie Studio Suite 13 works well. If you want top of the line – I would suggest taking a look at Final Cut Pro. You can even do video editing right on YouTube by using Video Editor.

There you have it … a complete little system for starting to create your own YouTube videos on the cheap!

Smartphone: (Free – we assume you already have one)
Tripod: $15.99
Adapter: $ 6.95
Video Edit: (Free – unless you buy software)
Total: $22.94

There you have it … all the equipment you need to start creating your own videos! Have you done your first video yet? Would love to see a link to your first video in the comments below!

In the meantime enjoy this public service announcement on vertical video syndrome:

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