Apparently Arkansas Is Haunted …

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zombie, martini, ghost, scary ladySo, this summer I’m moving. Excited about the move, … the actual moving of items … not so much.

After I move out of my place, I’m taking a little road trip! I’m heading back down to Arkansas to visit friends and visit some of the sites I enjoyed while I lived there some years ago. I think it’s true, you may not appreciate your own hometown and the things that you can do there until you either bring in guests to show around or come back for a visit! In my case, I’m coming back for a visit to see all those things I showed those people who visited me when I lived there. (still with me?)

While I’m in Fayetteville, Arkansas I’ll be heading to a few of these fun places:

Crystal Bridges: No, this place isn’t haunted. It’s a new art museum that was built after I left the area. I’m anxious to see what the Walton’s created. I see people checking in on Facebook and it looks like its a beautiful place.

Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas: I’ve been to this hotel. It’s old, beautiful and sits at the top of Eureka Springs looking down at the city. It’s also a little creepy. I always got creepy – crawlys in the staircase area. Then I stumbled upon the fact that this hotel is named “America’s Most Haunted Hotel”. How did I not know this while living there? SO … I’m going back to take some photos / videos of the place … and enjoy my favorite martini on the top floor bar. Will I capture a ghost or some orbs in my photos??? … we’ll see!

Hot Springs, Arkansas: I’ve been there just once off season. If you are not familiar with Hot Springs then let me make you have that “aha moment” Have you ever gone into your local gourmet store looking for a bottle of water and seen this bottle?

hotspringsARwaterMountain Valley Spring Water – Hot Springs, Arkansas

That’s water from Hot Springs, Arkansas. It runs free and heated in Hot Springs … thus the name!!

The Arlington Hotel is situated right in the center of town. The Arlington Hotel is supposed to be haunted as well. You can read about some of the stories here: Arlington Hotel Ghost Stories (toward the bottom of the post). Apparently Al Capone rented out the whole fourth floor when he visited The Arlington – so who knows … maybe he still comes for a visit!

You can follow my road trip shennanigans on Foursquare, Google+, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Have you been to Arkansas? What is your favorite place to visit? Have a ghost story? Would love to hear your stories / thoughts in the comments below!

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