Always Get The Most Expensive Wine!

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Since I’ve started Jennifer’s Review I’ve always had to watch my budget a bit. Buying wine weekly … and then more than weekly, can put a dent in your wallet. Even reviewing wines under $20 can be challanging when you add up your monthly receipts.

When it came time to head out to restaurants, I carried that same budget minded thoughtfullness as I looked over that “Wine by the glass” list. Until that is about a year ago when the incredible wine logic struck me. WHY!?

First of all … if you are on a budget, the BEST time to go for the most expensive wine is when you get to have it by the glass. Face it, when are you going to buy that $80 bottle of wine?

I had a chance to head out to Pops for Champagne bar a few weeks ago. When you have a bar that has the word Champagne in it … you probably should try the champagne! … and there it was … Bollinger Special Cuvee … By. The. Glass.

Guess what I had ……

Bollinger Champagne

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