2015: The Year Of Personal House Cleaning

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So we’re already into 2016 and all those “What’s your New Year Resolution” …. “Year in Review” … and “Best of” posts have hopefully filtered through your newsfeeds. With that in mind I decided to do my own private review of my 2015 and then share it with everyone here. Which is actually 2 of you according to my wordpress stats. So with that – I would like to give you a virtual hug and say “thank you” for taking a peek here every once in awhile!

C-H-E-E-R-S to my 2 blog followers!
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Okay – now that we got that out of the way. Here is what I learned in 2015:

• Never become involved with Liam Neeson – Everyone gets taken.

• Florida always has weird stories and we here in Florida all cringe when we hear them – but I’d like to point out that most people in Florida arrived here from other states … soooo in essence, we’re taking in the weirdos from the other 49 states … so really you should be THANKING Florida everybody.

• I learned who Shia Labeuf is … but I still can’t pronounce his name. Even when I DO try to “Just Do It!”

• I got to know the kind people of Toronto as they memorialized #TorontoRaccoon for a day. In fact, they loved that dear little guy so much – someone sculpted him into butter to memorialize him. Thank you Toronto!

• I think the most significant other fact for me is that it was a year of cleaning house, self realization and kicking the crap to the curb. 2016 started off with a bang … and I mean that literally because I live on a lake and the fireworks didn’t stop until 4AM … thank you lake neighbors or people who are just really, really excited about 2016.

It’s been a year of “house cleaning” for me. The ugly truth that not all people are honest to you in your life, that not all people have your best intentions on their agenda, and there are those that are only around when it’s all about them. Then there are those that are uplifting, encouraging, understanding and caring. It’s the last group you hold tight too, the others you need to let go because nothing in that group is going to help you be a better person, to create a better environment for others and eventually they will end up just bringing you down.

2016 is the year to succeed in your business, it’s the year to fulfill all your hard work, it’s the year you can create a positive change! I don’t know about you – but I’ll have some of that! For me it’s all about making positive moves to the beach!

What did you learn about 2015? Looking forward to 2016? Let’s rock it this year!

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