November: Things I was doing when I wasn’t here!

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It’s been a fun year and it’s not over yet! I have sadly neglicted this blog and that’s about to change! I have a new vision and new plan and I hope you’ll stick around with me!

I still keep practicing my #20NewThings Project even thought I’ve exceed 20 new things… it’s been such fun and after completing this project – I find that I’m much more open to new possibilities and new ideas. I say “Yes!” a lot more, fear goes away a little bit and I charge to the occasion instead of running the opposite way.

One of those fear projects has been writing a book. Over and over those around me have said “When are you writing the book?” or “How’s the writing going?” … in my mind … it’s the universe saying … “ummm… HELLO… write the damn book!” So … I’ve started writing and it’s scary but I’m pushing through. It’s going to be a very long process for me, but my goal is to be completed with the first draft 2016. So hang tight – the outline is done, the forward is written and chapter one in rough form is done. I’m inspired!

I’m still plugging away at Taster’s Circle and full disclosure – it’s not going as fast as I’d like. We did however complete a great round of videos and I’m looking forward to getting those out there. Below is the first in a series we started called: “If I were a cocktail, what cocktail would I be?”

Lastly – getting into more #20NewThings … I’m partnering with the beautiful, smart and talented Krista Magidson of Boutique Marketing Group in a fun new exciting podcast! The name says is all – “Men, Marketing and Wine”! We’ll be talking about all things: A little about wine, a whole lot about marketing and not too much about men since both Krista and I don’t know much about that subject.

I promise 2016 is gonna be fun – let’s have a great 2016 together!

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