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the average person is the new celebrityFor the last couple of months, I’ve been introducing myself to a few new sites. Two of those sites are EmpireAvenue and Klout. I find these to be very interesting, here’s why:

Celebrities in the past have been provided with Performer Q scores. These scores are the basis for their ratings or popularity (in the short sense). The more “A” lister, the higher the Q score. You can do a lot with this Q score. For instance you can decide which celebrity may be the best fit to endorse your product? Celebrities with fitness interests, may be the best to help you launch your new shoe. Celebrities who are active with non-profits, may be the ones for your grassroots charity. You get the idea.

The shift I’m starting to see and realize is that the average person can become the new “celebrity”. It’s really not that far off. Klout rates your influence online. Specifically, Klout looks at how much of a “voice” you have…. how “popular” are you? How much do people listen to what you say? This can be important for companies. If I have a high Klout score, when I shop at my favorite shoe shop, having the employees know I’m there (via Foursquare) and know my Klout score … perhaps a more catered experience would be created for me. Just like a celebrity. What would happen if I had a complaint? Checking my Klout score may mean, while wrong, I may get preferential treatment.

Thinking more practically … how could these retail locations create for me items and sales that would make me love that store even more. I would love to walk into a shoe store and within minutes the store clerk knows I wear a size 8.5 shoe up to a 3″ heel and a size 9 shoe above that height. Even further, the shoe store knows I love my Steve Madden and Prada brands. I get those placed out for me and my shopping experience becomes a “wow”. Where do you think I’m going back to shop? I rather like the idea of a 5 star shopping experience.

Let’s take that a step further. What if I have access to all my information. Information from my phone, my credit card, my debit card and my health provider. What would happen if all that data was intertwined into one report and I could get an overview of my spending habits, my eating habits and my entertainment habits. What kind of a catered experience could I get with that information? What would happen if I owned my own information? It’s interesting to think of the concepts that could come from that. The NY Times just had an article on it, very interesting. NY Times Reference Article

I kindof like the idea of the average person becoming the new celebrity. What do you think?

Link to Klout – Forbes interview video

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