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As part of my #20NewThings challenge I have going on for the next 20 weeks, here is week one’s new thing from me! Riding a Segway.

Not a particularly interesting challenge and of course, not one you might consider being in “the danger zone” of challenges. I mean, it’s not like I jumped out of plane or scaled a mountain wall or anything. It’s still a challenge for me.

I headed out to Port Cape Canaveral last week with a Groupon for Space Coast Segway Tours. I was joined by my friend Rona Bomkamp from BalancedBee.com. Along with our Segway tour, we decided that we would make a time of it at the beach after our tour.

We arrived at Space Coast Segway Tours in time for Brandon to have us sign our waivers releasing the tour company from any bad things we did to ourselves and for us to pre-read our instructions. Then it was time to get on our Segways.

space coast segway tourI admit, I had a fear of getting on this strange new vehicle, placing my trust in my balance and hoping that this little machine wasn’t going to hurl me onto the concrete. It’s pretty much the same fear you have when trying anything new … skiing, riding a bike, rollerblading … you get the idea.

Getting on the Segway, I shook and swayed as I gained my balance and acclimated to the machine. Once balanced, it was time to move with it. It was a bit different but once you moved with it, turned with it and reversed with it … you slowly gained your confidence.

While our segways only went 14 miles per hour … we had a blast! Buzzing around and seeing a few sites at Port Cape Canaveral. The best was getting to see this ….

Segway Jennifer

Yes, it’s the Optimus Prime Truck which in itself is pretty cool, but I’m also impressed I didn’t fall for the whole tour … but you know …

Of course … we ended our day with some relaxation at Cocoa Beach. Salt water, sand and sun always makes for a great end of the day!

end of tour beach day

It was a great day, something out of the ordinary day to day routine and yielded some fun times. On to more fun adventures and 19 more new things to try. What new things did you do last week? Are you trying to do #20NewThings too? Have a new thing for me to try and do? Would love to hear about them in the comments below!

Balanced Bee Rona Bomkamp

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