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yeah but excuses

I realize my title may seem a bit harsh, but it's truly how I've been seeing things in people lately. First of all, let me start by saying, I ALWAYS meet amazing people. The interesting thing about that .... sometimes it seems I'm the only one that realizes they are amazing! Every day people do things that amaze me and yet we all consistently sell ourselves short. We think we can't become more, do what we secretly hope in our minds or move forward with a special plan we have. We're all so full of excuses, so full of "yeah, but's .." Stop and think for a minute about one of those truly good videos that went viral (without the help of a marketing department)? If you think about the [...]

Angry women, hammer and laptop

Continuing on in my #20NewThings experiment ... this one may not be something that I realistically sought out to do for my #20NewThings, but it is something that stretched my brain limits. I think I'd like to start off this blog post by saying that if you have the financial means and it makes sense to create a website for a business ... you should always, always pay for a person of experience to design your site. In my case ... I needed a re-design on this website which makes me no money ... is just a means to write and when you put it on paper ... it's about the worst investment I have right now. For me - this blog is an expression of creative life results, things [...]

Jennifer Stinnett, beach

Not many people in my life know my background. Those few that do I consider to be my good friends. Those are the people that stay in your life - going in and out at times - but always seem to come around despite their (or others) judgments about your or themselves. There are very few people like this in any persons life. I would suggest however, we all have them. My background is actually a rather humorous one. I'll admit at the time I was going through the events, they weren't so humorous - but over time and changed view - it's something you can chuckle at rather than let it fester. Whoever said "Attitude is everything" was correct. Your attitude changes how your perceive the world around you. [...]

Ice Bar Orlando Jennifer Stinnett

I'm a native of Wisconsin living here in Florida. It's been a great experience so far. Week Four is kindof a silly "New Thing". Mission: go to an Ice Bar located in Orlando Florida. We purchased our tickets online and a group of four us headed down to the Ice Bar. The Ice Bar here in Orlando is a bar made entirely of ice. The cups, the seats, the tables, the bar and the bar stools ... all made of ice. The fun part of this experience, beside going with a group of friends, is that you can rent fake fur coats. Yep ... guys and girls ... you can get your fur coat fix right here in Florida! We came to the location, got our coats, grabbed our drinks, [...]

email help

If you've been following my adventures here and on social media - you know I'm always looking for ways to help with the amount of emails I receive. Having a business, allowing yourself to be easily contacted and the copious amounts of unauthorized email / newsletter signups - have created havoc with my inbox. You might remember my list of efficient tips for sending less emails back and forth here. Or you may have followed my endless article shares on ways to maximize email time and inbox usage. I've noticed this is an issue for many people. So share away I will .... I first tried to use Unroll me, which is a great program! It allows you to take control of the newsletters and subscriptions you have and combine [...]

spring rolls with peanut sauce

Week Three in the #20NewThings challenge was an idea that came about by Rona from BalancedBee.com! "Let's make spring rolls!" was her suggestion. To which I said "How do you spring and roll? It sounds like you need to be a contortionist." To which she rolled her eyes at me and said "You'll like it, promise!" So ... over to Balanced Bee's house I went to make Spring Rolls with Peanut sauce.... The agenda was simple ... create spring rolls and see if we would actually want to eat our creations. At least that was my goal, Rona had a lot more confidence in her abilities. So, we started out chopping the food that was going to be in the rolls. Rona made the peanut sauce. I'm a huge peanut [...]

scenic overlook wisconsin

Week two in my #20NewThings challenge was during my travels back home to Wisconsin. It's tough to think up "new things" to do when traveling because of created plans and a need to stay on course with those plans for you and everyone else. Then there's the visits, the activities, flight schedules, rental car returns, etc. That's when I realized ... we all get caught up in our daily lives. We make sure we go to bed at a specific time, get up at a scheduled time, commute at a certain time, arrive to work at your scheduled time. We work a full day, keeping to the time we're scheduled to get paid for, we leave work and head home. We schedule the activities we need to schedule for family [...]

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