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cleaning out personal house

So we're already into 2016 and all those "What's your New Year Resolution" .... "Year in Review" ... and "Best of" posts have hopefully filtered through your newsfeeds. With that in mind I decided to do my own private review of my 2015 and then share it with everyone here. Which is actually 2 of you according to my wordpress stats. So with that - I would like to give you a virtual hug and say "thank you" for taking a peek here every once in awhile! C-H-E-E-R-S to my 2 blog followers! x o Okay - now that we got that out of the way. Here is what I learned in 2015: • Never become involved with Liam Neeson - Everyone gets taken. • Florida always has weird stories [...]

Star wars or florida

Since moving to Florida a few years ago, I continue to find things about this state that intrigue me, mystify me and entertain me! I now, like the other normal sane people living here, cross our fingers and toes every time some odd news story makes national news and wish upon a star, that the person / situation didn't happen in Florida. Inevitably, it's usually Florida. Here are a few of the headlines that made me think, "What the hell....?" The guy who heard a helicopter, thinks police are looking for him - turns himself in: True Story here The women who called the cops to complain about her pot dealer: True Pot Story here The girl who periscoped her drunk driving while saying "I hope I don't get a [...]

things i was doing when I wasn't blogging

It's been a fun year and it's not over yet! I have sadly neglicted this blog and that's about to change! I have a new vision and new plan and I hope you'll stick around with me! I still keep practicing my #20NewThings Project even thought I've exceed 20 new things... it's been such fun and after completing this project - I find that I'm much more open to new possibilities and new ideas. I say "Yes!" a lot more, fear goes away a little bit and I charge to the occasion instead of running the opposite way. One of those fear projects has been writing a book. Over and over those around me have said "When are you writing the book?" or "How's the writing going?" ... in my [...]

money thoughts

It's been an interesting year for me, lots of changes, lots of learning and lots of soul searching. Maybe some call this mid-life crisis but I'm not really sure what "crisis" this would be. I prefer to think of it as mid-life discovery. It seems that when we're in our early years, we're struggling to do what we are either taught is the right way to live our life or we try to keep up with our own perceptions of how we should live our life. Sometimes it's what works for us and sometimes it's not what works with us. I firmly believe that the only way anything works in your life is if you are true to yourself. This also has it's affects with money. Money has always been [...]

positive moves to the beach

One of the reasons I began my business was the wish to be able to move to any location I wanted to and my business would follow. With eJenn Solutions - that's been something I've been able to accomplish! Beyond that wish to live any place I choose, I have an inner craving for the beach. Some people crave snow capped mountains, others the wonderful scents and sounds of the woods .... for me, it's the beach. So to keep myself on track and to feed that inner craving - I try to spend every Sunday I can at the beach. It's about a 50 min. drive for me and listening to my favorite music on the way out to the beach feeds my inner soul and creativity too! (Thank [...]

before picture

We are all busy, we all have things to do, we all have have our daily agendas. We rush, we tunnel vision forward to get our goals done and then at the end of the day we look in the mirror and find .... we gained weight... We may have noticed the subtle changes in how our clothes don't fit, but if we're not careful, it can creep up and in an instant you realize .... What the hell happened?! With my business, I'm very sedentary, I work at a desk all day long, I'm on a computer, on the phone ... it's the way it is. I used to work in a corporate world and even then - you walk from the parking log to your office, you walk [...]

how to make videos on a budget

I love working with people and getting them to consider different things for their social media programs. Often times when clients are creating their own content - we will help them come up with ways to maximize their best communication skills online. Example of this ... some people are better speakers than writers and vice versa ... some people are better writers than speakers. I myself fall into the last category ... writing is my comfort zone - video is not my comfort zone. Both ways can work for online content. For those of you who want to dabble and start to do your own YouTube videos for your business I've put together my list of "needs" for that. Your Smartphone: Yep ... you read that right - just your [...]

reading your way to happiness

I don't know about you ... but I LOVE to read. I have a problem finding time to set aside to read however. Well okay, time is an issue but so is the fact that reading inevitably puts me to sleep. I don't know what it is ... the left / right eye movement? The brain dead factor since I'm usually reading at night or maybe it's the warm green tea I'm usually sipping. Either way ... reading is usually sleepy time for me. Since I'm always looking at ways to be more efficient and I'm always multi-tasking, I decided to give Audible.com (affiliate link) a try. Audible is basically a books on tape type of format. Except it's all digital and all done through the power of Amazon. My [...]


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